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5 Benefits of implementing a Document Management System in your company

5 Benefits of implementing a Document Management System in your company

A lot of companies are choosing to use Document Management System (DMS). In fact, DMS have proven their efficiency in many ways. You are thinking about using files management tools ? Discover here 5 benefits of implementing it in your company!

1. Reduce your costs

Did you know that 19,5% of productivity loss are related to managing documents ? Investing in a Document Management System is a very good way to avoid massive waste of time in your company.

And as the cost of paper is increasing every year, using an Electronic Document Management system can drastically reduce costs in your company. It is said that investing in a DMS can lower your costs by 30% to 40% !

2. Improve your Customer Service

As a business owner, you must know that a good Customer Service is a major element of the success of your activity. Thanks to the Document Management System you are using, you offer a better service to your customers, allowing them to access the right documents anywhere and at any time. They also can fill forms online and download any important documents in a few clicks. A DMS is then improving communication between you and your clients with more transparency and reactivity.

3. Optimize your intern communication

Using a Document management System such as API Full Doc is a great way to optimize your intern communication. You can give access to key informations to selected members of your teams, share documents with secure links and therefore provide greater visibility to your business processes.

4. Secure your Files

Document security is a major problematic for any organization and it’s critical to keep sensitive data protected. Implementing a Document Management Tool provides better control over your files and thanks to the historic you can have a better understanding of every upload, access, updates and download of your documents.

5. Have a positive ecological impact

As you may know, every employee of a company is consuming around 2 500 paper sheets every year. Using a Document Management System is a great solution to reduce your paper consumption and therefore have a positive ecological impact.

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