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The API is using JWT for accounts authentication.

The elements returned are the following:

  • ISS: login URL
  • IAT: Date/Time of token’s creation
  • EXP: Date/Time of token’s expiration
  • NBF: minimum Date/Time to accept the token
  • JTI: Token’s unique identifier
  • SUB: User identifier
  • PRV: Token’s provider’s identifier
  • Team: Team’s identifier used for login via the “team_token” variable
  • Roles: Team’s user’s role identifier
  • Subscriptions: Team’s subscription type

Subscription Type

The subscription types are the following:

  • Free
    • Request Rate limit = 2/min
    • Member limit = 1
    • Document limit = 10
    • Logs limit = 7 days
  • Start
    • Request Rate limit = 10/min
    • Member limit = 3
    • Document limit = 250
    • Logs limit = 90 days
  • Master
    • Request Rate limit = 50/min
    • Member limit = 15
    • Document limit = 500
    • Logs limit = 365 days
  • Pro
    • Request Rate limit = 100/min
    • Member limit = unlimeted
    • Document limit = 5000
    • Logs limit = unlimited

User’s Roles

The user’s roles are the following:

  • Administrator

This is the highest role which grants full permissions on Team’s resources

  • Manager

This role is similar to “Administrator” except it can’t creates new accounts

  • Author

This role can create new resources but can’t create new accounts. It also can’t delete resources

  • Reader

This role can only read Team’s Resources

User’s Status

User’s status are the following:

  • Pending

The account is waiting for validation (see Members Management Process)

  • Enabled

The account is active

  • Disabled

The account has been deactivated by Team’s Administrators

  • Blocked

The accoung has been blocked by APIFUllDoc’s Administrators

  • Deleted

The account has been deleted by an administrator and is anonymized

Feel free to contact us if you need to get a JWT key

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