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Why should all startups adopt a Document Management System ?


Managing a startup can turn into a total nightmare as those companies are still learning while they grow. Therefore, using a Document Management System (DMS) can be a great solution to avoid you tricky situations.

Have your files at one central location

Even though we don’t want that to happen to anyone, missing a file or even losing a bunch of documents is actually a pretty common situation. Using a Document Management System such as ApiFullDoc is a great way to keep tracks on your files and have complete control over the flow of your documentation through roles and permissions.

With ApiFullDoc, you also have a access to a history of every action related to your files so you have a total control of your document management and can recover your files if any mistake is made.

Save Money

Using the traditional process of storage has a significant cost and it’s vital for any startup to avoid any waste. With a DMS, you are saving money on paper, ink, storage but also workforce when you know that workers who were manage, create or edit documents for a company in 2001 were spending an average 2,5 hours a day, searching for the files they need according to IDC.

Access your documents anywhere

With a digital version of your documents accessible from any device connected to the internet, your files travel with you giving you much more flexibility in your work. No need to bring tens of documents back home or to realize that you forgot this vital file at home.

Free up office space

As your business is growing, you may be in search of space hor new workers or meeting rooms. Storing your documents in the traditional way is actually taking a lot of space if you generate hunderds of documents every day. With a Document Management Tool such as our DMS API, there is no need to physicially store any files and you could gain a big space for your offices.

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